Archive & Backup Service

DataKeeper Archive & Backup Service

Archive & Backup is the basic backup that simply catches all the data on your server and copies it to the DataKeeper backup server.  It can also backup Exchange, SQL databases and Active Directory security information.  It doesn't capture the operating system or program files on the server.  This is the lowest cost backup solution as you're only paying for the space for your critical data.  It allows for the quick and easy recovery of those accidentally deleted files or folders. Archiving can be set to seven years or more.

o             Faster Backup – No requirement to back up all data every day – just the changes

o             Faster Restore – Located in a Perth Data Centre

o             No hardware or software to purchase

o             DataKeeper encrypts the data backup using military grade encryption

o             Backups are kept offsite in a secure boutique Data Centre in Perth

o             Data is compressed

o             Choice of retention period

o             Exchange and individual mailbox backup

o             SQL Backups

o             Backup notifications to the end user

o             More cost effective than tape backups

o             Professional Perth Western Australian Based Support