DataKeeper Online Corporate Backup is a comprehensive data protection system.

Once DataKeeper Online Corporate Backup is deployed in your company, your invaluable data is protected from fire, vandalism, theft and natural disasters, etc. While the cost of DataKeeper is limited, the value of critical business data it protects is not.


Services and Pricing

Per Server Offering Contract Price/month Bonus 1 Bonus 2
DataKeeper Server Archive 1TB 1 year $199.00 Free Seedload  
DataKeeper Server Archive 1TB 2 year $199.00 Free Seedload 1 month FREE
DataKeeper Server Archive 1TB 3 year $199.00 Free Seedload   3 month FREE


Additional Features  Cost per month 
 Microsoft Exchange Information Store FREE

 Per server extra year retention


 Microsoft Exchange Mail Box
(allows individual mail message, folders, calendar and tasks) 

 $2.00 per mailbox
 My SQL Database Backup FREE 
 Microsoft SQL Database Backup FREE
 Data Replication - To our secondary location FREE
 Backup Management Service
(daily check and notification of failures or problems)
 Seed Load (initial backup) From $200
 Online Restores FREE
 Data Traffic (uploads and downloads by DataKeeper)


 Replicated Server - (ready to boot)


 Ready Environment - (Networked Config ready for your servers)



Would you like to secure your computers safety with DataKeeper?

Sign up for a direct debit plan that suits your personal usage needs and never worry about backups again.


Desktop Users Contract Price/month Bonus
DataKeeper PC Archive 1 year $15.00 15GB FREE
DataKeeper PC Archive 2 year $15.00 45GB FREE
DataKeeper PC Archive 3 year $15.00 100GB FREE

 7 days retention. Prices are on a direct debit plan and exclude GST.


Additional Features  Cost per month 
Extra 100GB $6 per month

Extra 1TB

$50 per month

Extra 5TB

$180 per month 
Extra 10TB $320 per month
30 day retention $3
1 year retention $30


  Trial software is available on request for server versions. 

Prices are EX GST